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For continuing medical education has not verified whether any of the CEUs/CMEs listed on this site qualify for CEU/CME
credit in any state or jurisdiction.  It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether the CEUs/CMEs
listed in this website will qualify in the user's jurisdiction.  CEUsForFree.Com specificaly disclaims  and does
not warrant that any of the CEUs/CMEs listed in the website will qualify for CEU/CME credit in the User's
jurisdiction.  The provider will include the accreditation agency in which the continuing education units are
approved by, if any.  You, the user, are responsible for maintaining, printing and/or electronically storing
your own proof of completion and submitting the certificate to any requesting agency or board.  If costs do
apply, it is the responsibility of the user to pay the entire cost of the course/credit.  
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Please note:  all links may not be 100% free continuing education.  It is the
responsibility of the user to determine what amount, if any, the courses will
cost and will be responsible for the entire payment.
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